What is Demystifying Dyslexia, LLC All About?


Our Mission

At Demystifying Dyslexia, our mission is crystal clear: to equip educators worldwide with research-based, effective teaching strategies that seamlessly integrate into their daily lesson plans. We're dedicated to ensuring that all students with dyslexia not only master but retain the essential reading and writing skills needed to demonstrate personalized growth by the end of the school year.

Driven by a commitment to inclusivity and excellence in education, we understand the unique needs of dyslexic learners and the importance of tailored support. Through our meticulously curated resources, professional development programs, and ongoing support, we empower educators to create engaging and supportive learning environments where every student can flourish.

With a focus on evidence-based practices and real-world applicability, our goal is to bridge the gap between research and practice, providing educators with the tools they need to make a tangible impact in the lives of dyslexic students. Together, we strive to create a future where all learners have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their learning differences.

Does This Sound Like You?


‚úĒ¬† Do you feel frustrated, stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed teaching?
‚úĒ¬† Have you given¬† a second thought to your career choice wondering if you are meant to be a teacher?
‚úĒ¬† Does it seem no matter what reading program you try or are forced to use,¬†¬†you still have struggling readers in your class?


‚úĒ¬† Do you cringe when you see your admin walk into your classroom while you teach?
‚úĒ¬† Have you ever wanted to run and hide when you are called to the principal's office to talk about your class...or you?


‚úĒ¬†¬†Are you frustrated that there doesn't appear to be an instruction approach out there that you can afford...and/or one program that works for all your students?
‚úĒ Are you so wrn out from a day of teaching that you don't have the energy to spend doing the things you love at home?
‚úĒ¬† And when it comes down to it, you wonder if you'll ever end a school year with a class full of fluent readers?

You have come to the right place! 


Through our mission, Demystifying Dyslexia seeks to transform classrooms into inclusive learning environments where every student can thrive academically and develop essential reading skills. By demystifying dyslexia and providing practical strategies, educators can cultivate a culture of literacy and ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How much longer are you willing to teach the same old way hoping for the same results, that are not going to show up, if you don't increase your knowledge about teaching students with dyslexia?  

Jennifer Jacobsen is a pioneering CEO renowned for her expertise in dyslexia education. With a profound commitment to empowering students with dyslexia, she leads the charge in providing cutting-edge, research-based solutions and effective teaching strategies for dyslexic learners across diverse classroom settings.

Driven by a passion for inclusivity and accessibility in education, Jennifer is at the forefront of transforming teaching practices and raising awareness about dyslexia's unique challenges and strengths. Her visionary leadership ensures that educators are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to support dyslexic students effectively, fostering an environment where every learner can thrive.

Through her innovative initiatives and unwavering dedication, Jennifer Jacobsen is not only shaping the landscape of dyslexia education but also making a profound difference in the lives of countless students, families, and educators around the world.



The workshops offer a range of engaging and interactive sessions designed to support educators in understanding and addressing dyslexia within their classrooms. Tailored for flexibility, districts and schools can select workshops spanning from 90 minutes to 6 hours, accommodating various group sizes from 10 to over 100 attendees.

Participants can expect dynamic sessions filled with practical information, effective instructional strategies, and hands-on activities. Topics covered include defining dyslexia, exploring the brain's learning processes, and equipping educators with practical techniques for teaching students with dyslexia. Through these workshops, educators gain valuable insights and tools to create inclusive learning environments and support the diverse needs of all students.

Dyslexia Simulation

The Dyslexia Simulation offers a unique and immersive experience where participants step into the shoes of students with dyslexia. Through a simulation activity, attendees are presented with six common academic tasks typically encountered in a school day. However, these tasks are intentionally designed with added challenges that mirror the struggles experienced by students with dyslexia.

By engaging in this hands-on simulation, participants gain firsthand insight into the obstacles and frustrations that students with dyslexia face daily in the classroom. This experiential learning approach fosters empathy and understanding among educators, enabling them to better support and accommodate the needs of students with dyslexia in their teaching practices. It also equips them with practical strategies and approaches to create more inclusive and supportive learning environments.

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Joining Demystifying Dyslexia's Membership offers educators an invaluable opportunity to enhance their teaching practices and deepen their understanding of dyslexia and literacy instruction. As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits designed to support your professional growth and effectiveness in the classroom.

Each month, members receive new research-based information on a variety of topics, empowering them to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest advancements in literacy education. Additionally, members have access to a wealth of free resources and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in their teaching.

Participating in occasional contests and challenges adds an element of fun and motivation to the membership experience, while VIP opportunities for direct conversations with Jennifer, the CEO of Demystifying Dyslexia, provide members with personalized support and guidance.

Being among the first to sign up for upcoming events ensures members never miss out on valuable learning opportunities, while access to exclusive materials and frameworks used by Jennifer herself guarantees access to proven strategies for student growth.

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This was a very powerful inservice. It gave me great empathy for all my students. Thank you for the ideas and strategies.

 - Natalie, 1st grade Teacher

Eye-opening! Creates empathy. Helps teachers better understand how dyslexic learners feel.

 - Darla, 2nd & 3rd grade Title One Teacher

I was so interested in this topic and excited about the training. I feel that I grew so much as a teacher today. I can understand my students' struggles now and how I can help them. My heart was touched today.

 - Samantha, Kindergarten Teacher


This simulation was fabulous! You did an outstanding job keeping us engaged. I learned a lot today...thank you for sharing your knowledge!

- Barb, 3rd grade Teacher


I will not forget this session...ever.

- Dean, Teacher


Today's session was so eye-opening for me! It made me think of my students and in those exact struggles and how they may feel. the struggle, the frustration, the desire to do better, but unable to at the "speed" we would like. I would love for teachers to be trained or experience this workshop to help get just a glimpse of what our dyslexic babies are learning to navigate through. Thank you for this session!

-Evelyn, 4th grade bilingual Teacher


Going through this simulation as a teacher I was able to take a peek into some student perspective. It was a wonderful experience. Helped me rethink some of my teacher sayings and how I watch and expect.

-Inez, Teacher

Eye-opening of understanding why our students may act out or how they feel when struggling. Great PD!

-Sandra, Teacher

My eyes were opened to so many of the struggles that I see in my students and why they may be happening. Their frustration is so real and can't be helped unless we step in and be their support and grace. 

-Mary, Teacher

            {In regards to a strategy suggested by Jennifer of Demystifying Dyslexia}                 
The students cheered when I said they could pick which activity to complete. Students were fully engaged and we could have spent multiple days completing the activity. There is such a great variety of activity that all students were able to find a creative outlet that they enjoyed. This could easily be done with most subjects.
-Amy, Teacher